Hi I'm


As a passionate individual with a desire to help people feel their best, I began my journey of training and growing at Jessica’s PMU. Here I offer Ombre Brows, Lip Blush, Pigment Removal, Microchanneling, Eyeliner, Lymphatic massages & Cupping Therapy. I also offer couples Lymphatic massages & Cupping Therapy lessons. When not working (and working at RBL does not feel like work) I enjoy spending time in my garden and sometimes with the kids (2 humans and 2 huskies) LOL Just Kidding. My kids are great and they motivate me to keep growing in every way possible. They are my travel buddies. We love traveling and tasting different foods. We are foodies! My goal is to continue learning to master these skills to offer my clients nothing but the best. Every day I am open to learning and working to elevate others. I believe things must be done with a passion to effectively provide the absolute best service. I will always work to promote diversity and positivity in this industry.