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Learn how to live a healthier, more energizing life together. 

Connect on another level. 

Manual Lymphatic Massage with Lesson

Take advantage of this limited opportunity to learn how to give your partner a Manual Lymphatic Massage. We will teach you the basics to take home and give your loved one the care they may need. When done regularly, you can help boost each other's stamina, relax and promote healthy blood circulation and immune system.

Happy spouse, happy house.

See how life changing this simple act of love can be. 

$189 for 45M-1H Session

20-30 min. massage for each 

Cupping Therapy Massage with Lesson

You can opt in on learning the basics of Cupping in addition to Manual Lymphatic Massages. The two combined make a therapeutic intimate way to help each other relax and relieve stress. This powerful duo also helps boost your energy, immune system, speed up recovery from surgeries, increase healthy blood flow, breastfeeding and relieve pain and stress!
$195 1-Hour session
20-30 min. duration per person
Cupping therapy

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