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  • Does Permanent makeup hurt?
    There is some level of pain involved which differs depending on many factors including but not limited to the following: estrogen levels (hormonal changes such as menstrual cycle) pian tolerance medication body activity including infections etc... We do use topical numbing agents to help with discomfort. Most clients state the procedures are tolerable and experience little to no pain.
  • What does the price cover?
    Consultation 1st session 2nd session 6-8 weeks after (excludes bottom eyeliner) Aftercare Promotional rates excluded.
  • Can I wear makeup right after?
    For most PMU procedures you cannot wear makeup on or near procedure area for 4-6 weeks.
  • Can I be pregnant and get work done?
    For Permanent makeup (PMU) procedures, you cannot get work done until 3 months after delivery.
  • Why is pricing different for same procedure but different artist?
    Pricing is based on expereince and skill level.
  • Can someone under the age of 18 get this done?
    Unfortunately we can not work on anyone under the age of 18 for any permanent makeup procedure, even with parental consent.
  • Is permanent makeup like a tattoo?
    Permanent Makeup up (PMU) is a form of tattoos. Some differences may be pigments, needles, machines/adapter power and depth of needle insertion. PMU is supposed to be more artificial and have less longevity.
  • Can I take ibuprofen or tylenol before my procedure?
    It is not recommended to take any type of blood thinner before or after your procedure. Doing so can cause excessive bleeding and longer healing time.
  • Do you work over an already existing PMU from other artists?
    We do not work over other artists' work. We do offer emergency removal if you are not satisfied with your work freshly done within 48-hours. If it has been more than 8-weeks since your last session, we can do pigment removal until the area is light enough to work over. Pigment removal is done in sessions with an 6-8-week min. healing period in between sessions.
  • I recently had botox done on my forehead, can I still get my eyebrows done?"
    We recommend waiting 3 months before and after getting your eyebrows done.
  • When will the procedure area be fully healed?
    You can see healed results at about 4-6 weeks and can take about 3 months for pigment to fully settle.
  • If I have a medical condition can I get PMU done?
    Consult with your doctor.
  • What are your prices?
    Price rate depends on the artist, their skill level & experience. To get started, look at the different techniques and services we offer. Once you know which service you'd like and the technique, then choose your artist. Once you choose your artist, type in the service you'd like done, technique and the artist's name. For example: Eyebrows, Combination, Jane Doe. Or you can schedule a free consultation.
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