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Courses & Trainings

  Hey BOSS BABE! If you're ready for a life changing experience in becoming a boss or adding more services to your menu...this is for you.

Why should you take a course with us? 

Our instructors are both Licensed, Accredited, and insured. Your success is our success! Our goal is to ensure our students feel confident to jumpstart their career in this limitless industry!


Let your clients know you've been professionally trained and certified.


1. Browse through our course information below.

2. Contact us to schedule a course consultation (private) or orientation (group). Step 3 & 4 can be done at consultation/orientation. This step can be skipped if you know which course you would like to book and are ready to reserve your spot.  

3. Once you know which course you want to take and date you want to start based off our course calendar listed below, submit an admission application and an economic voucher application.

4. Pay booking fee to secure your course date. (If for any reason there is an issue, we will contact you immediately. Otherwise, you will receive an email confirmation of your scheduled course along with an email with forms and assessment homework. 



+1 (559) 308-1225



Limited Seats
10 students max per course

Save over $3,000 in our bundle group course with the same benefits included as the individual courses for a limited time!
Information below



Cosmetology schools charge $15k-$40k
Esthetician schools charge $8k-20k
Permanent Makeup artis
ts can generate more income for only $5.5k (during current promotion w/ C19 Economical Voucher)

Due to many circumstances including recession, drastic price inflation, gas price increase, Covid19 repercussion & so many hardships, we are granting an additional $500 discount for approved applicants for VIP Bundle Course only. 

Apply for a voucher before they are gone.


As a RBL Artist (RBLA) you'll also get discounts on our products and will be offered our own product before it even launches.

Take advantage now before prices go up in our industry as people like yourself start discovering the benefits of being a PMU artist.

All we ask is for your 100% in: effort, commitment, willingness and enthusiasm... only then we can guarantee you success in the PMU industry.


Internship only available for Bundle, Advance Bundle & Machine course.

With our internship program you build experience, knowledge, clientele and income while completing hours.
Yes, that's right we put you right to work while completing hours for the internship program we offer, which consists of

750 hours 4-6 months for our Bundle course,

300 hours 2-4 months for our Advance Bundle Course

400 hours 3-5 months for our Machine Course.


Custom schedules available upon request to meet your needs. 
After completing your course, you will be added to our Facebook/online support group for continuous assistance and recommendations.



Payment options available 

A booking fee will be required to secure and reserve a course.

 You must pay a booking fee to reserve promotional rate for up to 6-months since booking fee paid date. Remaining fees must be paid in full by the beginning of the 1st day of the course. Message for an in-person consultation to pay your deposit and reserve your spot.


We help you through the process of financing through a third-party or offer in house payments.

There is a 4% transaction fee with financing and/or card transactions.


In-House Payment Plans:

With the booking fee paid, you can arrange monthly payments. Courses will become available once balance is fully paid off.

Deposit/Booking Fee Policy For Courses: 

There are absolutely no refunds whatsoever on booking fees (deposits) or any payment/s. The deposit is a fee to secure/reserve your spot and to order supplies. 

If you paid a booking fee and have not taken a course or scheduled your course dates within 36-months of paying a deposit/booking fee, your payment will be considered a donation. Students will have up to 6 months since booking fee was paid to take the course at promotional rate. Students will have up to 12 months since full payment was paid to take the course at the regular rate of that term.