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Here at RBL Aesthetics (Formerly known as Jessica’s Permanent Makeup) every appointment is very important to us. We understand that sometimes unexpected events may occur, and rescheduling is necessary; therefore, we respectfully request at least a 48 hours’ (business hour) notice for cancellations or any appointment changes.


Please notify us 48 hours in advance if you must cancel, or reschedule your appointment


Please call ahead if you are running late. We will do our best to accommodate you but will have to reschedule your appointment if you arrive 10 minutes or more late.


In our commitment to provide a unique and substantial experience to all of our clients and out of consideration and respect for all contributors along with their time, we have adopted the following policies:


To schedule an appointment, we require a $100 minimum (Non-Refundable) booking fee.

You can pay a higher amount; however, we do not issue any refunds at all, under any circumstances.

All payments are non-refundable!


The booking fee does go towards procedure cost as long as you keep your appointment, show up on time and follow the following guidelines:


Booking fees are to secure and reserve procedures and appointments.

If for any reason an appointment scheduled is not completed, any payments or booking fee will be forfeited. 

We arrange enough time and adequate supplies used for each procedure. When changes occur not only does it change our books and inventory but also our schedule. Therefore, once procedure is secured no changes can be made unless approved by Specialist/PMU Technician/Artist.

Anytime a client is late, we are late with our next client as it becomes a domino effect, and the tardiness can accumulate resulting in a big delay. It is not fair for those who arrive on time to be affected and lose their valuable time due to someone else’s tardiness. Therefore, any arrival past 10 minutes from their scheduled appointment will be rescheduled and result in losing their booking fee. If you arrive 10 minutes passed scheduled time it is considered past the 10-minute window period and will result in losing/forfeiting the booking fee and appointment.


If you do not show up on time for your appointment you will lose/forfeit your booking fee. A 48-hour cancellation notice for any appointment changes is required to avoid losing booking fee. Rescheduling with a short notice (within 48-business hours of appointment), does not only affect our business finances but the artists as well. This may be their main and only source of income as any other job may be for others. Therefore, our artist are paid out regardless of their clients showing up or not. (So please be on time to avoid losing your appointment and booking fee. As much as we hate to do so, we value our clients/artists time and must stick to our policies.)

Depending on situation/circumstances, an arrangement to waive penalty as a one-time courtesy may be approved by Specialist/PMU Technician/Artist.

*Retouches are recommended every 18 months from last session. We do not do retouches on work that were not done in our facilities. Anything passed 18 months from the last session, will be considered a new procedure at full price. If the area worked on is very faded but it has been less than 18-months, we will still have to start over and charge full price.

Durability of retention depends on many factors. To help our clients with information on retention, do’s & don’ts, we have created a Facebook group. Please request to be added to the following FB page;

All first-time procedure costs cover one session. An additional session is complemented for enhancements 6-8 weeks after 1st session for first-time appointments. Any additional sessions will be at client's expense. All procedures excluding bottom eyeliner require a touch up 6-8 weeks after to enhance the healed results. (Complimentary session is not included for promotional rates and model procedures, unless stated otherwise.) 

It is the client’s responsibility to inform specialist of any medical changes including pregnancy, cosmetic procedures or any physical changes or exposures that may affect healing results. Procedures cannot be done while pregnant. If client becomes pregnant after first session the second session can be done 3 to 10-months after delivery at their own expense at a full retouch price as long as shape is well visible. Otherwise, the client may need to be seen as a first-time procedure (per artist's discretion). Retouches following the 1st session for first-time procedures are only complementary 6-8 weeks after initial session. If you miss/reschedule the complementary session, a new booking fee will be required. That booking fee for the retouch session will increase in price as time passes due to the loss of pigment. It is important for the artist to enhance and replace pigment loss after the first session as soon as procedure area is healed around 6-8 weeks for best retention on first-time procedures (excluding bottom eyeliner). 

Healed results are visible after 4-6 weeks and client is able to determine then if an additional session is needed. Additional sessions are $50+ and must be done 6-8 weeks after last session. Therefore, additional sessions need to be scheduled within 4-6 weeks anything after the 8 weeks will result in an increase in price as time passes per week due to the loss of pigment. If the additional session appointment is rescheduled, client does not show or does not get the session done for any reason, the booking fee will be forfeited and a new booking fee will be required to rebook including the increase price per week passed after the 8 weeks of last session. 


  • No minors are allowed due to health regulations.

  • Must not be pregnant or nursing

  • Must be 18 years or older

  • No alcohol or blood thinners within 24 hours/24 hours prior to appointment

  • Avoid retinol (anti-aging agents), vitamins, medications that may affect results (if possible, per doctor's permission to do so) 30 days prior to procedure appointment.

  • Must not be under or appear to be under the influence of any substances.

  • Must not have Botox done 6 weeks within appointment. 

  • Any arrivals later than 10 minutes will be rescheduled.

  • No treatments on or near procedure area within 6 weeks from appointment. 

  • No surgeries within 3 months from appointment date.

  • Your booking fee is only held/honored for 90 days and
    expires 90 days from date paid.

  • Promotion booking fees are only held/ honored for 60 days from date paid.

 If you arrive to your appointment and breach our policy, you will need to reschedule and lose/forfeit your booking fee/deposit. 

If you made a full payment in advance, your payment is only validated for up to 12-months. Anything after the 12 months, any amount paid will be forfeited and taken as a donation. 

You can pay the booking fees through the following with a 4% transaction fee:

You do have to include the transaction fee (4%) for the booking cost of $100 which is $4.

$100 + $4 = $104

We do not accept checks.

Or you can pay cash (with no fee) in person. 

If you'd like to pay in person, we can also arrange that, or you can walk in Monday-Saturday 9am-5pm.

When making an appointment, it is a two-way commitment. We can help by notifying you in advance to remind you of your appointment and ensure we are prepared to make your experience as pleasant as possible. For a gentle reminder please add your email on this site.

Please input in the message the following ways you’d like to be notified.​​



  Email, Text or Facebook Messenger

Standard Call, Message & Data Rates May Apply depending on your mobile carrier.



 Please provide ALL information below for reminder notifications





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